About Svend E. Kristensen

Svend E. Kristensen (DK) – Artistic Manager Stageart Theatre Sew Flunk Fury Wit.

Svend E. Kristensen started out his artistic career at the experimental music scene in Denmark in the early 80’s. Attended dance- and performance training since the late 80’s. Worked for and were schooled by performance troupe Von Heiduck touring most of Europe with a series of Peepshows, e.g. award winning show Salomé (best performance Germany 1999).


After studies in Media science at the University of Aarhus and puppetry studies in Japan he established and defined his own theatre of Neo-puppetry, the ritual and performance ”Mediet og Masken” (The Media and the Mask). As an artist working with life-sized hyper naturalistic puppets he has played several solos in Tokyo Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and throughout Europe.

…collaboration with Lvingstones Kabinet, Kristján Ingimarsson Company and The Royal Danish Theatre

Since the mid 90’s he has worked as an actor with many Danish directors and several companys e.g. Kristján Ingimarsson Company, Livingstones Kabinet, The Royal Danish Theatre. Kristensen has done teachings and lectures in the fields of performance and physical theatre since the 90’s and puppetry since 2004.

…the Dragon – you won’t ever see it all

In 2005 he was invited by former artistic partner Pia Gredal to do a grand sculpture exhibition in several Danish ar museums with the purpose of stimulating children’s senses. The exhibition entitled ”the Dragon – you wont ever see all of it” used materials, forms and sound design within a framework defined by the myths surrounding dragons and snakes. 40.000 kids attended the exhibition.

As a sound designer he created the acclaimed sound design for the worldwide success of the award winning performance BLAM!.

…Sew Flunk Fury Wit – LIFE SIZE PUPPETS

In 2013 he formed the stage art theatre Sew Flunk Fury Wit after using several years elaborating, developing and designing various life-sized puppets from materials such as carbon fibers, silicones and other composites. This work has been supported by the Danish Art council throughout the years. The performance ”Feinschmecker” 2014 was the first group work within SFFW with 3 life-sized hyper naturalistic female puppets and 3 men as puppeteers. The performance shows women as seen by men, but turns out to be mostly about men and their rituals, using the perfect female puppets as tools to tell their own story.

2016 the acclaimed performance STØV (Dust), had its premiere. STØV is now preparing for its national and international tour 2017, which will bring the performance to Beijing (Fringe Festival) and Japan (Iida Puppet Festa).

The upcoming performance CRASH, a slow motion car crash lasting 80 min., is scheduled in spring 2018 after receiving financial support by the Danish Art Council.

See more of Svend E. Kristensen’s early work with LIFE SIZE PUPPETS here.