Sew Flunk Fury Wit

Sew Flunk Fury Wit creates enigmatic musicdramatic signature performances in a hard to categorize hybridgenre of hyper-surreal human sized neo-puppetry, poetic dramatic worlds and seductive soundscapes of newcomposed opera and electronica.

The company was founded by artistic director – Svend E. Kristensen (DK) – in 2013. He began his artistic career at the experimental music scene in Denmark in the early 80’s. Up through the years he has elaborated, developed and designed various life-sized puppets from materials such as carbon fibers, silicones and other composites. Read about artistic director Svend E. Kristensen here.

Current performances are STØV /DUST , CRASH and new international co-production CORPO SURREAL premiere Feb 4th 2020 in Teater Katapult (DK) followed by international tour 2020 counting The Royal Opera (DK), Spiral Hall (JP), Rohm Theatre (JP), D-Caf Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival Cairo (ET), Operudagar (IS) and more.

CORPO SURREAL an ecstatic tribute to the courageous attempt of the corposurreal transformation. An enigmatic, innovative and intensely mesmerizing, music-dramatic experience that releases the eyes and imagination of both creator and audience.

STØV (DUST) telling the tale of a world gone horribly wrong in the shape of five fascinating human-sized puppets, a luminescent opera soprano and a shadowy figure.

CRASH is a story about a couple who dies in a car crash, the story is told through music & song, Opera & Ambient rock, accompanied by neo puppets, in a New Music Dramatics-framing.

The performance FEINSCHMECKER (2014) was the fiorst collectively produced work by Sew Flunk Fury Wit, staging a relational drama of 3 life- sized hypernaturalistic female puppets and 3 male puppeteers. Svend E. Kristensen created this in collaboration with Thomas Hejlesen.

DUST and CRASH are developed collectively with director Jesper Pedersen.

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