In STØV / DUST five fascinating human-sized puppets, a luminescent opera soprano, and a shadowy figure tell the tale of a world gone horribly wrong. A dramatically rendered, contemporary song-cycle imagines what little is left after an unavoidable global climate-catastrophe have struck in this sensual and moving puppet-dystopia.

STØV/DUST is an exciting blend of excellent adult puppetry design, performance, opera and other genres. This New Music Theatre performance plays with what is left, when the lurking environmental catastrophe of the world we live in has occured. The puppets themselves are the result of many years of development and exceptionally designed in silicones with realistic skin and faces.



In 2016 STØV/DUST was nominated for the prestigious official Danish Reumert Award in the category of The Jury’s Special Prize. The webmagazine CPH Culture nominated the play for best female vocalist and best music dramatics. The Danish Art Council for stage arts awarded STØV/DUST with its special annual prize 2016.


…a truly unique and beautiful play in its diversity of art forms

STØV/DUST received overwhelmingly positive reviews from critics and audiences. The play’s surprising hybrid form provokes reactions among the audience like “we haven’t seen anything like this before” and sparks comments among the critics like “a truly unique and beautiful play in its diversity of art forms”. In general the critics were amazed and overwhelmed by the mix of genres and the dystopian theme, the poetic style and the daring pathos of the play.


…unique appraoch to New Music Theatre

STØV/DUST represent a truly unique approach to New Music Theatre with the use of the foremost puppetry mixed with opera. This unique hybrid approaches audiences in areas of performance, puppetry, musicdramatics and opera.



The songcycle is written and performed in English and made for international touring. STØV is now touring nationally and internationally (Japan, Norway, Sweden a.o.).  The upcoming season includes 10 shows at The Royal Theatre in Copenhagen. See touring dates.

Duration: 65 minutes | Stage: Depth 9m Width 9m Height 4m | Available for touring -> contact producer Gitte Nielsen


Performer & Concept: Svend E. Kristensen

Soprano: Nina Sveistrup Clausen

Director & Concept: Jesper Pedersen

Set design: Kristian Knudsen

Lyricist: Neill Cardinal Furio

Composer: Peter Kohlmetz Møller

Costume design: Lise Klitten & Line Bech

Light design: Mikkel Jensen


On tour:

Light tech: Maria Pi Houman

Sound & Light operator: Anders Dalmose


STØV/DUST is supported by:
Danish Arts Foundation | Helsingør Teater | Koda | Danske sceneinstruktører | Andelskassen Fælleskassen